KOFFEOK™ is a leading supplier in the single-serve capsule hot beverage market.
KOFFEOK™ offers coffee roasters a state-of-the-art coffee packaging service for the manufacture of coffee capsules, using ours or their coffee.

KOFFEOK™ capsule use patented system to deliver a full-bodied beverage experience.

The system allows more flavour elements to flow into the cup during the brewing process. This delivers a full-flavoured cup of coffee or tea.

The Company is unique in that it has chosen not to promote its own brand, but instead focus 100% of its efforts on co-packing for others.

The Company being the experts and leaders in the coffee capsule industry, KOFFEOK™ focuses on developing new advanced knowledge and then sharing it with its customers.

In the KOFFEOK coffee capsule it is the base polymer of the traditional plastic structure which has been modified with the introduction of a special additive.

This additive makes the plastic cup containing the coffee completely biodegradable while allowing it to maintain its functional characteristics. The bio-degradation of the KOFFEOK coffee capsule starts only when it has been removed from its packaging and used.

On the basis of a Test Certification it was determined that the “achieved 100% of biodegradability in about 839 days”.


Our customers know that they can count on KOFFEOK™ for delivering good value. Quality and service are all that KOFFEOK™ really has to offer to its customers.

No other coffee capsule manufacturer offers the private label and branding solutions that KOFFEOK™ offers.