For the true believers who like a strong, aromatic espresso preferred speed, reliability and simplicity.

In the KOFFEOK coffee capsule it is the base polymer of the traditional plastic structure which has been modified with the introduction of a special additive.

This additive makes the plastic cup containing the coffee completely biodegradable while allowing it to maintain its functional characteristics. The bio-degradation of the KOFFEOK coffee capsule starts only when it has been removed from its packaging and used.

On the basis of a Test Certification it was determined that the “achieved 100% of biodegradability in about 839 days”.

Coffee Capsules are cleaner- no more mess.

  • No spillage of coffee grounds on the bench when dosing, tamping or emptying.
  • No wasted coffee.
  • No coffee grinds to clean off the bench top.

Coffee Capsules guaranteed exceptional espresso every time.

  • The coffee in a capsule has already been ground, measured out and tamped for optimal extraction.

Coffee stays fresh in capsules for up to 2 years.

  • The coffee in capsules is flushed with nitrogen to extract all the oxygen and it is then quickly sealed to preserve the freshness of the ground coffee.

Limitless variety.

  • Special house blends.
  • Coffee of different origins.
  • Tea
  • Chocolates

Use coffee capsule on existing capsule machines:

  • Kogan Ez-press
  • Citiz
  • Lattissima
  • Pixie
  • Essenza
  • U
  • Maestria
  • Cube
  • Creation
  • Capri
  • Romeo
  • Lattissima Plus
  • Bellini