KOFFEOK™ will work with independent roasters to manufacture and package their coffee into capsules with their brand.

Your brand, our care …… from bean to capsules.

KOFFEOK provides an outstanding full service.

Together with you, we design the right coffee for your brand, under your name, and at the right price. From the large selection of blends and packages, we choose the most suitable solution, produced to the most stringent quality standards. Add to that our experience and expertise, and you get a unique, target-oriented product.

The roasters advantages:

  • Expand cross-selling opportunities and improve revenue.
  • Roasters can offer customers a wide selection of different coffee types and beverage.
  • Roasters don’t have to buy expensive packaging equipment.
  • Lead time to introduce new coffee products to customers.
  • Roasters can concentrate on their core business activity rather than operating special packaging machinery.

KOFFEOK™ specialises in coffee capsule manufacture. Our state-of-the-art production facilities, industrial knowledge and quality controlled production process will protect roasters coffee and their brand to ensure that customers continue to enjoy drinking coffee.